Why Sydney Is Better To Visit Than Melbourne

Why Sydney Is Better To Visit Than Melbourne


Circular Quay

Maybe it is because I hate coffee and do not have a single ‘indie/hipster/whatever’ bone in my body, but my love for Sydney runs much deeper than for Melbourne. Much, much deeper. This was definitely reaffirmed after a quick trip to Sydney last week. There is a long-standing debate about which of these two cities is better and, obviously, it is just matter of personal preference.…

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The Idiot’s Guide to Dating Me

The Idiot’s Guide to Dating Me

Ready for a date recently

Being 21 and single is pretty damn awesome. Having come out of a serious relationship earlier this year, I am definitely enjoying this stage of my life right now. This includes re-entering the dating world… Or, more accurately, entering it properlyfor the first time. I have quickly accumulated some crazy, hilarious and ridiculous dating stories that I will probably pull…

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25 Facts About Me

25 Facts About Me

Okay, I know the proper blogging tag is to do 50 random facts – but frankly, I could not be bothered to think of that many and I know no one could be bothered reading them. Quality over quantity, baby!

  1. I got called into the principal’s office once for posting inappropriate things on Facebook.
  2. The town of Ingham in Queensland is named after one of my relatives, William Bairstow Ingham, who was…

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7 Things Tinder Has Taught Me

7 Things Tinder Has Taught Me

Tinder. Everyone is on it – from the owner of one of my favourite bars to the current boyfriend of one of my school friends (scandalous!). And yes, I am now on it too. I only use Tinder to date, not to ‘hook up’, and here is what I have learnt from the experience thus far…


1. I have a ‘type’.

This has probably surprised me the most. Tinder is all about making snap judgements about people, so the…

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5 Year Anniversary: Why I Blog

5 Year Anniversary: Why I Blog

My first book

My first book

I wrote my first book in kindergarten. Well, technically, my mum might be considered a co-author because she told me how to spell some of the words. After all, I was four years old! However, I chose the blank notebook, came up with the storyline, wrote it all and illustrated it myself. It was a simple story about an adventure with some of my friends. At such an early age, this…

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My Funniest Travel Stories

My Funniest Travel Stories

One of the best things about travelling is all of the weird and wonderful memories that you acquire along the way. I particularly love all of the funny ones. So, here are what I consider to be my five funniest travel stories… At least from the ones I can remember…

  1. Honolulu, USA – 2012. I absolutely love snorkelling. And I get very easily distracted by pretty things, including brightly-coloured…

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15 Reasons Why I Love Travelling To The USA

15 Reasons Why I Love Travelling To The USA

First day in the USA!

My first day ever in the USA at 11 years of age!

It is 4th of July today, so I want to share why I love travelling to the United States so much. By the end of this year, I will have been there six times in the last ten years. I basically consider myself to be part American. It is an incredible country and I hope this post persuades some of you to book a trip there!

  1. The people.Throughout my…

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